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  • "Great spirits have always
    found violent opposition
    from mediocre minds."
    -Albert Einstein
  • "In questions of science, the authority
    of a thousand is not worth the humble
    reasoning of a single individual."
    -Galileo Galilei
  • "A man has always to be busy
    with his thoughts if anything
    is to be accomplished."
    -Anton Van Leeuwenhoek
  • "It is my intent to beget a good understanding
    between the chymists and the mechanical
    philosophers who have hitherto been too
    little acquainted with one another's learning."
    -Robert Boyle
  • "In chemistry, our theories are crutches;
    to show that they are valid, they must be used
    to walk... A theory established with the help
    of twenty facts must explain thirty, and lead
    to the discovery of ten more."
    -Jean Bapstiste Dumas
  • "It almost always happens
    that true, but exaggerated,
    coloring is more agreeable
    than absolute coloring."
    -Michael Eugene Chevreul
  • "To every action there
    is always oppossed an
    equal reaction."
    -Isaac Newton
  • "Matter, though divisible in an extreme
    degree, is nevertheless not infinitely divisible.
    That is there must be some point beyond
    which we cannot go in the division of matter.
    ..I have chosen the word "atom"
    to signify these ultimate particles."
    -John Dalton
  • "In the field of observation,
    chance favors the
    prepared mind."
    -Louis Pasteur
  • "In science, we must be
    interested in things,
    not in persons."
    -Marie Curie